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NetDefend Consulting (NDC) is a leading information security services firm, with consultants experienced in multiple security domains.  We provide services for organizations from small businesses to Fortune 50 companies across multiple industries.

Who is NetDefend?

Better Together

At NetDefend Consulting, we understand that the most productive relationships are those that are based on true partnership.

As such, we focus on enabling a respectful, collaborative relationship: fully taking into account your business model and processes.  NDC strives to ensure that existing security architectures and products, if any, are utilized where possible, both for timeliness and cost benefits.

Finally, NDC uses time tested processes and procedures that, among other benefits, enable needed skills and knowledge to be transferred to your organization in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

About NetDefend Consulting

NetDefend Consulting, headquartered near picturesque Puget Sound in WA, provides worldwide services for clients from large to small.

Founded in 2000, NetDefend Consulting is more than just a standard technology company. Our goal is to meet your security needs – not to implement cookie-cutter technology products. At NetDefend, we understand that the safety of your information assets is of paramount importance to your organization. In addition, every concern, from model to processes to assets, is unique. As a result, no single security solution can be applied to every business, and neither can a complete solution just consider technology and consist solely of technology-based answers. Accordingly, when we undertake your project we will take into account your business vision, model, and processes in addition to your technology architecture.

Our expertise with information security extends beyond policies, auditing, technical implementation, and incident response.  Our teams also include authorities in marketing, project management, channel sales, and more, allowing NetDefend to provide your organization with a full life cycle of security competence to be leveraged for the benefit of you and your customers.  We are thus able to bring a unique, business-oriented focus on information security to our clients.

Whatever your information security requirements, we will provide solutions tailored to your specific needs that exceed your expectations – guaranteed. If you have any questions, please use our contact form, or give us a call at +1 (425) 502-6962.