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We know security is often viewed as an afterthought, a cost center containing certain mandated standards which must be met.  However, security should not be a necessary evil, but rather as a means by which growth and competitive advantage may be attained.

Security is Not Just a Cost Center

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Our view of physical and information security can be defined by three truths in which we believe:

  1. 1.Security should never be complex just for complexity’s sake. Many security vendors and security consulting firms provide complex solutions to simple problems, while at the same time overloading you and your staff with industry jargon and unneeded features. We communicate with your company’s contact person in plain English, explaining all aspects of the service that we are providing to you. Our solutions that we recommend are specifically designed to meet your security needs as simply and elegantly as possible.

  2. 2.Security technologies and procedures should never compromise your business. In many cases, poorly implemented security solutions have created logistical and operations nightmares for businesses; harming customer loyalty and reducing efficiency. If security is so tight that your customers cannot do business with you and your employees cannot do their legitimate duties, then the security solution is worse than the original problem.

  3. 3.Security should, wherever possible, be designed in at the beginning. Even new companies, just starting out in the business world, should take security seriously. Considering the value of both physical and information assets in today’s rapidly moving world and the value of a business brand and its trust, it becomes readily apparent how vital an early and continuing emphasis on security is for your business.

Security should be treated as a business priority, the same as accounting and marketing, no more, no less. Security should neither be a higher priority than your other business needs, nor should it be a lower priority. It is of equal significance and is as completely necessary as a sales force for running a modern company.


We follow a proven, effective methodology to ensure that your services are completed on time, on budget, and according to your specific goals and needs. If you have any questions or would like a quotation, please use our contact form or give us a call.

First Stage - Define

  1. In the first stage of our relationship, we work with you to define the exact scope of the project. This usually involves gathering all appropriate internal and external security requirements, background research, competitive and comparison studies, risk and budgetary analysis, identifying time constraints, and defining the potential extent of any future services that would be provided subsequent to project completion. During this stage we would also agree on a single contact and project sign-off person within your organization.

Second Stage - Plan

  1. During the second stage of our project relationship, the plan for the project is developed based on the results of the definition stage. Several key elements of the project are created during this stage, including a list of the deliverables that will be provided to your company, definition and calculation of project milestones, and generation of a list of resources required for successful project completion.

Third Stage - Implement

  1. This stage is where the bulk of our project time is spent. The fourth stage of our relationship is where the actual creation of agreed upon deliverables and the attainment of project milestones occurs. During this stage we will keep you apprised of all developments and project status at the regular intervals that were scheduled in the planning stage. We will also continue to monitor developments in the fast-paced world of security to ensure that the end result provided to your company is as secure as your corporate needs require. If the services being provided involve any technical solutions, those technical solutions will be integrated and activated in your production environment during the final portion of this stage. 

Fourth Stage - Evaluate Results

  1. This fourth and final stage of our project process serves as a final assessment and evaluation of the project and its success. During this stage all project milestones and deliverables are subject to a final review. Finally, any additional maintenance, follow-on auditing, or subsequent services to be provided will be discussed and finalized during this stage.

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