Assessment and Compliance

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As the impact of regulatory requirements and best practices continues to grow across many markets, organizations need an experienced partner to act as a guide.  NetDefend’s deep audit and compliance experience enables us to be that partner.

Increased Requirements Demand More

A Baseline for Secure Success

Having baselines to start with is very important in any exercise.  Whether it is exceeding your personal best in an athletic endeavor, or being above the curve in an academic undertaking, we have all used a standard means to compare our progress against others at some point in our lives.  These shared “yardsticks” allow for us to correct deficiencies, guide our focus, and increase our performance.  In many cases, meeting standards is a bare minimum prerequisite for continuing to perform at all.

In the world of information security, the need for independent measures is just as valid, if not more so, than in other areas of business.

The impact of government regulations and industry best practices on business continues to grow as these requirements evolve and expand to incorporate additional facets of how organizations operate.  Whether it be PCI DSS, GLBA, HIPAA, ITIL, CobIT, ISO 27002, or some other standard, information security requirements abound and have become more complex, more intertwined with our businesses on a daily basis.

Keeping up with these growing and ever-changing sets of requirements is an onerous demand, one that many enterprises find to be overwhelming.  For not only must a business be aware of the myriad demands placed on it by each national and international regulation or standard, organizations must also be cognizant of the interaction of each criterion and how those elements interact with each other holistically.  In addition, it is critical that an organization have experience in how to uncover the interaction points between these guidelines and each element of their own business and data flow.  Finally an expert eye must be placed on the various elements of risk within with organization, regardless of their applicability to specific compliance standards.

NetDefend Consulting’s expert team, including Certified Information Systems Auditors (CISAs), has many years of experience performing audits and baseline assessments, analyzing the current state of organizations against the appropriate set of industry best practices and government regulations.  Based on the results of such an initial assessment, we can generate the reports and independent attestations that are necessary to show adherence to control requirements.  If any deficiencies are noted, NetDefend will provide your organization with an action plan, a “get well” guide, that will serve as a means to direct future security and compliance enforcement, thus ensuring an efficient and cost-effective migration to a compliant state and a reduction in risk.

Finally, just as with our other services, NetDefend Consulting’s unique perspective on information security will take into account the potential business benefits inherent in increased compliance.  We firmly believe that information security should not be just a cost center, but a means to generate competitive advantage, grow market penetration, and enhance revenues as well.  As such, NetDefend will provide guidance on how to leverage your current compliance situation to grow your business.