Incident Response and Forensics

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When information security incidents occur, organizations can be overwhelmed with the daunting task of containing and investigating the breach.  NetDefend’s expert team of forensic analysts can be the trusted partner you need.

Rapid and Responsive Protection

Containing and Investigating Breaches

When a potential information security compromise occurs, organizations need to rapidly coordinate a methodical and thorough response.  Significant experience and skills are invaluable for all major facets of the incident response cycle:  validating if a breach has truly taken place, investigating the extent of the compromise, containing the breach and limiting its impact, identifying the likely source(s) of the incident, gathering and preserving necessary evidence, recovering lost and/or hidden data, and performing a postmortem to evaluate and prioritize recommendations on any potential improvements to process, procedures, and technologies that could reduce the risk of such an incident occurring in the future.

NetDefend Consulting’s analysts have significant experience with all phases of the incident response cycle:  from planning and prioritization prior to an attack, to partnering to minimize impact during an incident, to recovery, analysis, and follow-on corrective action.

In addition, where significant law enforcement involvement is anticipated or already present, NetDefend has long-standing relationships with law enforcement personnel at the local and state level to facilitate the smooth progression of any investigation.  Finally, NetDefend Consulting provides evidence-grade storage of data, forensics recovery services, and expert forensics testimony through our partnership with Apex Digital Forensics.