Managed Security Services

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NetDefend Consulting’s Managed Security Services allow for organizations to concentrate on their core competencies, while ensuring ongoing stability, resilience, and trust.  Let us handle the complex task of managing multiple security technologies on your behalf.

We Watch Over You

Let Us Vigilantly Guard Your Business

You know your business.  You understand who your customers are and how they operate.  You understand your markets and what is needed to grow.  State of the art information security knowledge, on the other hand, is less familiar to you.  How do you keep up with the ever evolving threat landscape where new attacks and techniques are discovered on an almost daily basis?

With NetDefend’s Managed Security Services, you can off load the time-consuming and convoluted task of managing the technical security controls and assessments that are needed to mitigate the risk of doing business in today’s interconnected world.  By doing so, you can increase your security responsiveness and decrease costs as compared to in-house management of intricate security technologies.

Examples of the types of managed services that we provide are:

  1. Managed IPS / IDS

  2. Reducing risk by ensuring that IPS / IDS systems are monitored on a continuous basis for suspicious activity, which, if detected, can be addressed by NetDefend’s expert on call teams.

  3. Managed Network Security

  4. In concert with IPS / IDS Monitoring, NetDefend Consulting can ensure that, if appropriate, any detected anomalies are dealt with by a rapid adjustment of network security solutions, such as firewalls, air gap devices, load balancers, etc.

  5. Managed Vulnerability Awareness and Remediation Services

  6. On a regular basis, our expert team of analysts will perform a full security scan of each network segment within your organization.  Any issues will be quantified and prioritized based on the NetDefend Vulnerability Prioritization Framework (VPF).  The VPF is a unique system and model to describe and prioritize vulnerabilities, allowing for organizations to bring an appropriate level of resources to bear on each issue, based on the true risk profile of each vulnerability.

  7. NetDefend security analysts, where agreed, will perform remediation steps on uncovered issues, up to and including OS and application upgrades and patches, in accordance with organizational change windows and policies.