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An organization’s marketed products and services require the same level of due diligence as internal IT systems.  NetDefend’s Secure Product Services (SPS) can reduce risk and create new opportunities for your externally facing products and services.

Security Can Grow Your Business

Protecting Your Customers and Growing Your Business

Your organization’s reputation is critical to your future success and nothing is more important for reputation than the trust that your customers place in your products and services.  Information security risk is just as important, if not more so, to address in externally facing products and services as it is in internal IT systems.  Security capabilities in your products and services can also represent an untapped reservoir of market potential and revenue enhancement:  new, security-related services and capabilities can generate value for your customers and grow your top line.

From hardware to software, from ASICs to apps, from cloud-based services to appliance devices and mobile applications, NetDefend’s Secure Product Services are designed to address the unique security needs of externally available products and services.  We not only evaluate the security posture of each product and service against appropriate regulations and best practices, but we take that detailed analysis one step further: bringing a critical eye to bear on the possible business benefits that security capabilities could bring to you and your customers.

Incorporated in our Secure Product Services, are several comprehensive sets of analysis and recommendations, designed to enhance your solutions’ resistance to compromise, adherence to standards, earnings potential and customer capabilities:

  1. Product Security Assessment

  2. This element of our SPS provides an evaluation of your product or service against appropriate industry-specific standards, such as PCI DSS, more generic standards (e.g. ISO 27002), and industry best practices.  A gap analysis is performed and possible security add-ons and enhancements are enumerated.

  3. Security Enhancement Analysis

  4. Potential security enhancements are evaluated to determine tangible and intangible benefits, including likely revenue enhancement, customer benefits, estimated ROI ranges, competitive advantage, and market growth.

  5. The specific cost impacts of each potential security enhancement are then deduced, taking into account engineering resources, financial investment, marketing needs, and more.

  6. An evaluation of each potential security enhancement is then performed, using these various data points to guide the analysis

  7. A prioritized recommendation list is then provided based on the outcome of this analysis.

  8. Security Enhancement Go to Market

  9. After joint sign-off on a prioritized list of security enhancements, NetDefend’s team of security business experts will assist your organization with the creation, testing, and leveraging of those enhancements, taking advantage of the unique requirements and opportunities inherent in the security market.  Included in our Go to Market offering are project and engineering planning, assistance with pricing, packaging, and positioning, and development of additional security-specific sales channels.

Throughout this process NetDefend Consulting will be by your side, leveraging security capabilities to enable your products to exceed industry standards, take market share, and increase customer satisfaction.