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Risk management and cyber security situational awareness is critical to a robust security posture.  NetDefend Consulting’s expert team of consultants have decades of experience in security risk analysis, policy development, gap analysis, and data flow evaluations.

Security Begins with Understanding

Establishing a Secure Foundation

Many organizations believe that by installing a particular piece of security technology, that their security issues will be either resolved, or significantly lessened.  While risk may very well be mitigated by the use of certain tools, without an awareness of the underlying flow of data, business processes, market security requirements, and government regulations, the effectiveness of any technology is significantly lessened.

NetDefend Consulting’s Strategic Security Services allow organizations to become more proactive and judicious in how security needs and concerns are addressed.  Before developing any policies or implementing any technologies, NetDefend’s analysts can perform a security risk assessment, based on best practices, and then a gap analysis to enumerate your risk factors.  Subsequently, NetDefend’s experts can help your organization create or enhance an information security program to deal with this risk and fill the discovered gaps.

Information security programs created by NetDefend are designed to be structured, and auditable, with controls in place specifically designed to mitigate risk while being easily verifiable with sufficient and competent evidence.  Our programs enable organizations to take ownership of the levels of risk inherent in their business, and focus on three key areas:

  1. Security Program Development and Management

  2. Security Policy and Procedures Gap Analysis

  3. Security Risk Assessment and Analysis

  4. Business Resiliency Assessment and Gap Analysis

  5. Formerly known as Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, this service allows organizations to receive expert guidance on how to structure a BC program to allow for a more robust operating environment, one that is more resistant to issues and one which can quickly and efficiently recover from random natural or man-made disasters.