Success Story 3:  Defending Hope

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A global educational charity was under constant threat from automated and manual attacks targeting their Internet presence and executive staff.  NetDefend improved their resistance to attack, resilience against data loss, and decreased unwanted communications (“SPAM”).

Defense Against the Darkness

Protecting a Work for Good

An international charity, known for its humanitarian educational programs, had been targeted numerous times over a six month period, starting in 2005.  Their programs, designed to empower women and low income individuals around the world, had been severely impacted by destructive attacks which had systematically compromised their Internet presence, data storage, and the productivity of their executive staff.

NetDefend Consulting partnered with this charity to perform an in-depth assessment and enhancement of their security and business resiliency posture.  The systematic review of the client’s security stance resulted in a migration of their hosting architecture to a more robust platform, augmented with additional web application security measures.  Security policies were implemented within the organization, along with training, to increase resistance to social engineering.  Multiple redundant layers of data protection were implemented, increasing business resilience capabilities through defense in depth.  Finally, multiple layers of UCE (“SPAM”) defense and mobile data protection were implemented.

Since this time, there have been no successful attacks against this charity’s infrastructure, while UCE has decreased from over 300 messages per day per account to less than 10 per year.  As a result, the operations of this charity has been significantly more stable, while staff has been free to focus on their core mission:  providing means to create opportunities for those less fortunate around the world.