Success Story 1:  Security as a Growth Engine

Success Story 2:  Improved Vulnerability ManagementSuccess_Story_-_Intelligent_Vulnerability_Management.html
Success Story 3:  Defending HopeSuccess_Story_-_Defense_Against_the_Darkness.html
Success Story 4:  Following the Criminal TrailSuccess_Story_-_Investigating_Digital_Crime.html

A market-leading provider of electrical industry hardware worked with NetDefend to validate the compliance of a new set of products against NERC CIP (CSS) standards, not only meeting those standards, but uncovering new revenue streams in the process.

Security Beyond Compliance

Security Drives New Business

A century-old electrical industry vendor needed to evaluate the security architecture of a next generation solution against industry regulations (NERC CSS/CIP).  This company leveraged NetDefend Consulting to re-architect the security capabilities of their newest solution, to meet these regulatory standards.  This company was able to achieve compliance to these regulations, empowering much greater participation in new sales opportunities.

Besides meeting baseline compliance requirements, our client was able to realize significant business benefits as well, including:

  1. Enabling market differentiation in a competitive marketplace, resulting in significant product margin improvements.

  2. Obtaining multiple patents for the uniquely innovative security capabilities architected by NetDefend, preserving a market lead and presenting additional barriers to entry.

  3. Streamlined adherence to security regulations for end users.

  4. A reduction in end-user operational expenses by 30% as compared to industry average.

As a result, this company not only increased customer satisfaction, but increased revenues and market penetration as well.