Success Story 4:  Following the Criminal Trail

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An online retailer had its payment systems compromised and millions of customers had their financial information stolen.  By turning to NetDefend Consulting, this company was able to locate the perpetrators and rapidly involve law enforcement for a swift resolution.

Guiding the Light of Justice

Tracking Digital Criminals

The online world is a dangerous place.  Striking without warning and bringing business to a standstill with a DDoS attack, or lying in wait for weeks, months, or years while valuable customer and corporate data is gathered and stolen, digital criminals and terrorists are constantly watching; looking for opportunities.

The impact of online crime is now estimated by the FBI to have exceeded $2B USD per year and includes mundane threats such as non-targeted malware to sophisticated attacks designed to steal millions of dollars worth of customer financial data.

Recently, after the financial information of millions of customers of an online retailer were stolen by online thieves, NetDefend Consulting began an international investigation to locate and preserve evidence of the compromise which resulted in the data loss.  NetDefend’s multi-month investigation involved the step by step analysis of digital forensics information, and the preservation of the evidence trail for use by law enforcement.

At the conclusion of this investigation, the perpetrators of the attack were located and appropriate evidence forwarded to law enforcement, resulting in successful prosecutions.